Herbal Henna A Perfect Natural Cure for Hair

Herbal Henna A Perfect Natural Cure for Hair

If you are looking for healthy, shiny, strong and long hairs and the artificial hair care products doesn't suit you, It is time to try the natural henna. Henna, also known as Mehandi or Mehndi is a produced from the green leaves of henna plant. Henna plant is generally found or planted in the central India for making natural hair care, skin care and other health products. Henna is also applied to the head, hands, feet, and other body parts in order to keep them cool in a hot climate. Henna products are one of the widely accepted natural hair care products in India since the ancient times and still many people prefer these natural products over the artificial shampoos, hair conditioners, hair colors etc.

Henna can be used as a hair conditioner, hair color, hair softener or for any other hair treatment. Natural henna is basically available in the market as powder and paste. Henna and henna products are pronounced in different ways in different countries and regions. Henna has a long history of its uses in most of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Iran and Northern Africa. The botanical name of henna is Lawsonia Inermis. It is the most popular products due to its capability to stain the skin and hair more effectively and efficiently for a long period of time as compared to other natural hair products. In general, henna products are prepared by the manufacturers who buy the henna leaves as the raw products from the major henna farm across the country. Henna leaves are first harvested from the henna bushes and then processed in the grinder in order to make the powder. The water or other suitable liquids are added to the powder to make paste for different purposes.

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